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Are you a Fighting Patriot?
  • Frustrated and tired of liberal policies 
  • Ready to change the course of history in 2022
  • ​​Passionate about your field of work but disheartened by your woke environment
  • Desiring to find COMMUNITY with likeminded freedom fighters
  • Looking for an ACTION PLAN to take America Back
  • ​Wanting not just opinions but true SCHOLARSHIP supporting a New Conservative Age
This is for YOU.
"This was AMAZING! Changing your mindset is one of the best things! It's so encouraging to be with all the like minded Patriots! I sorely needed this." - Geneva H.
"That's what I like about Dr. Steve...he tells the story from the big overall perspective (the big picture), based on an honest pursuit of the Truth." - Art M.
"Today has been great. Favorite part is how you have added to the inspiration, excitement and motivation to action." - Kristie
Lead your Families and Communities Towards Freedom.
Don't Sacrifice what You Love Most. 
Make Sense of the Confusion You Feel in the World by Discovering the New Conservative Patriot Approach to Leading Your Families and Communities Towards Freedom.
  • January 14th-15th, 2022: 11 AM-7 PM EST (Extended hours for VIP Tickets)
  • ​Deconstructing the myths you’ve learned about Conservative culture, showing you how Dr. Steve stays optimistic no matter the political and cultural climate
  • Learning to live in the present in light of even better things to come
  • ​​Live Q & A with the leader of the New Conservative Patriot™ Movement
  • ​Learn how Dr. Steve broke free of his woke job to influence millions of patriots and how you can do the same, too!
Our Workshops During This Live Event Will Cover:
  • The Anti-Globalism Training: Learn the steps to defeating world-wide elitist ideologies without moving to another country.
  • ​The New Conservative Crash Course: Gain access to the world-wide facts liberals don’t want you to know about their demise.
  • The Optimism Magnet: Hear the tried and true method to staying positive despite the ongoing onslaught of Big Tech, MSM and Leftist ideologies.
  • ​​The New Conservatism Prism: Gain real hope for the future without conspiracies, fake news, or manipulation.
  • The New Entrepreneurial Crash Course: Gain access to the world-wide facts socialists don’t want you to know about the importance of entrepreneurship.
  • ​​Conservatism 2.0 Workshop: Take action as a NEW Conservative and leave dusty old Republican ideologies behind.
  • ​The Political Entrepreneur : Understand Entrepreneurship as more than just for business, but rather a principle of impacting a community politically, spiritually, and economically to lead them towards freedom.
Join Us LIVE 
NOTE: No Recording of this Event will be Available
"I loved hearing Dr. Steve explaining how to construct a patriot ecosphere. I had not heard parallel polis before yesterday." 
- Nate D.
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  • View All Conference Workshops, Interviews, and Q&As ($297 value)
  • ​Access to Chat and Network with All Other Attendees ($100 value)

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  • View All Conference Workshops, Interviews, and Q&As ($297 value)
  • Access to Chat and Network with All Other Attendees ($100 value)
  • Access to Bonus Workshops with Dr. Steve Before and After Main Events ($100 value)
  • ​​See Dr. Steve and Chat Face to Face ($50 value)
  • ​​Submit Exclusive Questions for Private VIP Q&A ($50 value)
  • ​Exclusive access with other attendees before and after the event ($400)


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Join Us LIVE 
NOTE: No Recording of this Event will be Available

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Who is Dr. Steve Turley?
Dr. Steve Turley is an internationally recognized best-selling author, scholar, speaker, and talk-show host. He is the author of over 20 books, including The Return of Christendom: Demography, Politics, and the Coming Christian Majority and The New Nationalism: How the Populist Right is Defeating Globalism and Awakening a New Political Order. 

Dr. Steve's popular YouTube channel (with over 830,000 subscribers to date and over a quarter-of-a-billion views) and podcast, (which consistently ranks Top 50 in the Daily News Category with over 5 million downloads in just over a year) daily showcases his expertise in the rise of nationalism, populism, and traditionalism throughout the world. A frequent guest on numerous talk radio shows, Dr. Steve is best known for his optimistic and upbeat analysis of current events in light of conservative trends which never fails to excite and inspire audiences all across the globe. He has shared the stage with many top political influencers including Kayleigh McEnany, Dan Bongino, Dinesh Desouza and Donald Trump Jr. 
Joseph Aaron Giglietti

Featured Special Guest:

Ralph Cochran

President of Turley Talks

Ralph Cochran is the Co-founder and President of Turley Talks, hosted by Dr. Steve Turley based out of Pennsylvania, USA. 

Ralph is an eighteen-year veteran of implementing marketing and development growth strategies especially for Christian Schools and businesses. He also has backgrounds in both Real Estate and e-commerce. Due to his vast experience, he has a reputation of correctly assessing a client’s situation and bringing an effective solution to the table.

One of these assessments and subsequent solutions is his advice to Dr. Turley, whom Ralph met as a teacher at a Christian school in Delaware where his children attended. During that time, Dr. Turley dreamt of reaching and impacting more than just a small group of highschool students. Ralph, who has embraced the rise of digital marketing, helped Dr. Turley use the power of the Internet to amplify the delivery of his message that is significant in this day and age.  

From a few conversations and a newly created Twitter account in 2015, Turley Talks has grown into a globally recognized conservative talk show and opinion platform, all thanks to Ralph's marketing and business development guidance and expertise.
Joseph Aaron Giglietti

Featured MC:

Hannah Brusven

Host of Insiders Club and Turley Talks Senior Press Correspondent

Hannah has been a passionate advocate for conservative values ever since the fourth grade, when she'd stay after school discussing foreign policy, the tax crisis and ways to defend the unborn serving as the "Government Club's" secretary until the 7th grade. Who knows what actually was accomplished in these meetings, but a a love for America was instilled in her and a passion to help others find freedom. 

Hannah graduated with a degree in Liberal Arts and Culture from New Saint Andrews College in 2020 having also studied Journalism and Public Relations at the University of Idaho. Hannah now serves as Turley Talks Senior Press Correspondent and Host of the Monday and Thursday night "Insiders Club Gathering" with Dr. Steve Turley. 

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David Goodwin | President of the Association of Classical Christian Schools

"Dr. Turley's insight is unlike any other. His ability to frame any issue and help others understand our world Christianly demonstrates the fruit of classical Christian education. He is a hopeful force as we grapple with cultural decay and decadence in America. As an educator, Dr. Turley is loved by his students and brings them to think in ways we all desire for the next generation. His work is transformational as an author, a scholar, and a teacher."


Dr. Turley is providing REAL news for us conservatives! Not only is it good news, but he’s also excited about the news he brings to us and gives us all hope during these trying times! Thanks Dr. for bringing facts with a smile!

Jenn T.

"I found Dr. Steve on YouTube. He educates with humor and wit, and really lays out current events in a concise, easy to understand manner. You just HAVE to give him a listen."

Rienzo M.

"One of my daily go to sources for Real News and Commentary since 2016. Outstanding."
100% Money Back Guarantee
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Disclaimer - This event will give you actionable steps to taking back America from liberal ideologies and kickstart you to live a life of freedom. 
Results are not guaranteed. In fact, a lot of hard work is involved. At the end of the training, an opportunity will be offered to take part in the New Conservative Patriot Movement at a deeper level.
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